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Summary the aticle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary the aticle - Essay Example Jean Gregoine disagreed with this view. He believed that the technique on which the utilization of material depends should be progressive and hence beauty would change too. Aesthetic qualities are expendable and liable to wastage of effect. For instance, the part to be repaired in Bugatti is hidden for the sake of beauty, which makes repairs difficult to be conducted in contrast to Buick where the stress is not on the beauty but practical performance and repairs. In Buick the technical and aesthetic qualities have been given equal importance whereas Bugatti is a monument of abstract art. The criticism of popular art depends upon the analysis of content which lends appreciation to superficial qualities. The industrial designer should have the ability to design a product that is good, desirable, and exciting. This trend becomes more pronounced as culture becomes mechanized when the middle-class people become educated. The designer has to be in touch with the masses and determine to what extent fine arts can be integrated with popular art and what will sell. This alone can bring out innovative, aesthetically appealing, and functionally good product. During the Second Industrial Age there was a connection between design practice and the theoretical self-awareness. With the development of design management, changes took place in the management of machinery design. Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company, brought about innovation in design management. They were market leaders in machine tool manufacturing in 1900. They brought changes with non-mechanical decoration in 1911. All designs had to conform to a style manual issued by the Chief Draughtsman and the purpose was to create artistic machines with analytical engineering. This means the process by which the machines were designed and manufactured were transformed. This involved book learning and shop

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CRJ Research Assignment-4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CRJ Research -4 - Assignment Example If the research questions are formulated in this manner, then the results will be related to the hypothesis, and thus proving the validity of this research study. Ultimately, I will prove that my research is valid by ensuring that the research instrument truly measures the correlation between wealthy families and kidnappings (Kaplan, 2004). Reliability of this research will be established quantitatively this will be through ensuring that the quantity of data will be measurable, accurate and consistent. For instance, the sample population will contain a preferable number of respondents who fit the desired characteristics of this research. Reliability of this research will also be established through following up the respondents if clarification for any information is needed (Kaplan, 2004). The following are factors are likely to create problems with either validity or reliability of this research. Firstly, lack of consistency of data provided by the respondents. Secondly, a data-collecting tool that is inaccurate and untrue, in that it lacks the capability of giving repeatable results. Thirdly, the idea of including respondents in the research study who do not have the desired characteristics of the sampling frame (Kaplan,

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The Function of the Narrator in Blood Brothers Essay Example for Free

The Function of the Narrator in Blood Brothers Essay There are other instances of the characters showing that they can feel the narrators attendance. When Mickey and Eddie meet again, Mrs Lyons spots them sneaking off and can feel a cold shiver going down her spine, as she is afraid that they might find out the truth. The narrator is in the room with her and begins to speak, Did you really feel that youd become secure, And that the past was tightly locked away The imagery of this speech is quite threatening with undertones of criminality in phrases such as locked away, debts to pay and reckoning day. This reinforces the narrators malevolent nature and creates an atmosphere of foreboding to which Mrs Lyons reaction is one of fear. The narrator also speaks or shouts directly at other characters and although they cant see him they often move to face him. This suggests that they can hear what he is saying. The narrator often mirrors the thoughts of the characters signifying that he may be acting as their subconscious. One example of this is when Mrs Johnstone begins to feel regretful after giving away one of her sons. As she has sworn on the bible, she cannot turn to God and, as the narrator says, there Aint no point in clutching. At your rosary. Here the narrator seems to be telling of Mrs Johnstones thoughts and the echo of her earlier conversation with Mrs Lyons in And you cant tell anyone also seems to be doing this. Mrs Johnstone knows that she cannot tell anyone that she has sold a son because Mrs Lyons has stated that if they ever find out the truth they will both immediately die. The narrators speech before Eddie heads to university is an important part of the play. It takes us from when they are fifteen through the three years till they are eighteen and describes the beauty of youth and the carefree attitude that they have as teenagers. However, it also hints that the future will not bring the same happiness. The narrator says Young, free and innocent, you havent got a care Apart from decidin on the clothes youre gonna wear The streets turned into Paradise, the radios singing dreams Youre innocent, immortal, youre just fifteen. This sums up their love for life and the feelings of freedom that they have at that time. However, the narrator then follows with And whod dare tell the lambs in Spring, What fate the later seasons bring. Whod tell the girl in the middle of the pair The price shell pay for just being there. This speech is used as an effective dramatic device to show the passing of time. As the characters are larking about in the background the narrator is hinting towards a worrying future and this contrast between the tones has the effect of casting a shadow over the latter part of the story and upsetting the comfortable atmosphere created earlier. More clues to the future of the story lie later in the speech when the narrator says, How living could be anything other than a dream When youre young, free and innocent and just eighteen The Mickey, Linda and Eddie leave and the narrator continues. And only if the three of them could stay like that forever, And only if we could predict no changes in the weather, And only if we didnt live in life, as well as dreams And only if we could stop and be forever, just eighteen. The repetition of And only shows that there is regret that it cant stay like that but also that the change is inevitable. This is a turning point in the play and the language of the speech shows that the three young characters have reached their prime, and that from now on there can only be a downward slide towards the tragic ending that the narrator foretold at the beginning of the play. In conclusion the narrator acts as a pivotal character in the play. He demonstrates some traits of a usual narrator such as bridging large gaps of time with his speech and beginning and concluding the play. However, he is also a far more important character than most narrators because he seems able to influence the characters, which is not seen in other plays. The audience also never know the identity of the narrator and his character does not develop like the other actors, which makes him more isolated and, although there is a dramatic relationship between the audience and the narrator, does not allow the audience to create empathy with him.

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Seamus Heaneys Portrayal of the Loss of Innocence :: Poems, Poetry

Heaney particually portrays the theme of 'loss of innocence' as a child through his peoms, 'Death of a Natrualist', 'Blackberry picking', 'Poem' and 'Personal Helicon'. Death of a Naturalsit of the first of Heaneys poems to really express this theme. 'All year round the flax-dam festered in the heart -------------------------------------------------- of the townland;green and heavey headed --------------------------------------- Flax rotted there.' In the first stanza Heaney uses rich imagery and purposeful child-like language such as 'festered' and 'warm thick slobber'. These create a sense of the childlike adventure to be found in the surrounding area and time that he had as a child. The language and images created by Heaney help to engage the readers senses. These, although not always pleaseant images portray the excitement to be found as a child. They are also positive and fresah. As the poem progresses into the following stanza there is a destinct change in the mood of the peom. 'The air was thick with a bass chorus' Agaijn Heaney uses rich imagery to explain his point. Phrases such as 'angry frogs' tell how his feeling towards them as a child has changed and now they seem 'angry' rather then the 'nimble swimming tadpoles' that thery were before. Heaney expresses this change in nature as the change of season as wel for him as the actual changin from childhood into adult life. Once innocent and stimulating images have changed into aggressive and threatening things. The title of this poem in itself holds the theme strongly. 'Death of a Naturalist' suggests his interest in nature dying and being replaced with more adult feelings. 'Death of a Naturalist' also liks closely to Heaney's poem 'Blackburry picking'. The poem follows the similar two stanza approach, with the first being full of childhood positives and the second folloing on to more nagative images n nature. This poem however focuses in more on nature itself and his perspecive. 'you ate that first one and its fleesh was sweet'

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Football Madness

Our team were in the away changing room and my ears were hurting as the manager's voice went straight through me whilst he shouted at us for the dreadful performance we just gave. Then he threw a bottle towards Marcel the goalkeeper who safely caught it. † Oh now you stop it fool!† he shouted sarcastically at him. The room was stuffy because of all the sweat and heat coming off the players. We just got beat two nil by the Newcastle United under twenty ones and our main striker Carlton Wallace the team captain was under pressure. His last season performance was superb, he got top scorer with twenty-one goals and most of them goals were from his heading ability as he was very tall so he had a lot depending on him this season by Leeds United Football Club, because he is on the brink of entering the senior squad. So far during the season he hasn't scored for the first five games and the team are worried about him. The next day he turned up late for training and the Manager Tony Forbes went over to Carlton as he stepped out of his brand new Mercedes Benz SLK and he started shouting and being intolerant at him, Carlton then got straight back in the car and drove off in a rush. As Tony came back the players just pretended that it never happened and carried on with training, except one, that was Andrew Moyes who was the joker amongst the group and he thought he knew what had happened. He asked Tony in a bigheaded way â€Å"what was that all about then gaffer?† Tony replied, â€Å"Just forget it its nothing to do with you.† And Andrew put his hands up towards his chin as if he were holding a handbag and went â€Å"oooooo†. But Tony reacted badly and shouted at him â€Å"you're dropped from the team on Saturday for that remark, you sicken me!† then some players started to smirk, but lucky for them Tony didn't notice. As we were going in Andrew stated, â€Å"I think Carlton's got problems.† So I replied, † what makes you think that?† I asked and Andrew replied, † his behaviour just lately is weird, don't you think?† † He has been a bit strange but nothing too serious I hope.† I stated. But we thought nothing of it and carried on getting towards the changing rooms with the rest of the team. We were entering the changing rooms as the assistant was writing Saturday's team out for the match against Middlesbrough, so everyone was gathered around the board to see their name on it and Carlton was dropped for Alan Smith and everyone was amazed because last season they beat Middlesborough four nil and Carlton got three goals, so I went to see the gaffer but he had left early. As I was getting changed Jamie our key defender asked me, â€Å"Do you want to come for a drink with us?† I replied â€Å"No I've got to shoot off sorry.† So I went to the secretary and asked her where Tony had gone and she said he'd gone to Carlton's to sort something out, immediately I rushed out to the car park and dodged all the journalists who were bombarding me with questions about Carlton's future, so I could get into my car and go. Luckily no police seen me speeding on my way to Carlton's but as I slowly approached his house I saw Tony getting out of his car on the driveway, he stepped up to the door, knocked on it and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Carlton opened the door and poked his head around to see who it was, then he looked around outside for people, but luckily he didn't see me. Then he invited Tony in to his house. Seeing this I got out the car and went round the side of his house making sure I wasn't seen and the window was open so I tried and listen in on the conversation. I heard Carlton talking about when he went to the doctors and got told that if he continues to head a football it will affect his brain because of all the pressure be exerted on to the skull, but last year nearly every goal was a header so that might explain why he hasn't been on form this season. After hearing that I ran back to the car and drove straight to The Bottle of Sack, our local pub where the lads were and darted inside to break the news. As soon as I entered they kept offering drinks and asking things so I couldn't a word in. But then I seen Jamie going to the toilet so I followed him in and Explained to him the situation and he went straight back out and gathered the team round. After he told them they and started to think of what to do and Andrew said â€Å"let's help him through it.† â€Å"You don't say, † Marcel replied sarcastically â€Å"But how?† asked Jamie and Andrew bellowed â€Å"let's sign a new player to replace him.† And everyone gave him a dirty look, then Martin his striking partner said, † well instead of him heading the ball he could bicycle kick then his goals would be spectacular.† So Jamie replied, † it's stupid but it might just work.† â€Å"But that's a difficult skill to perform day in day out.† I added, so Marcel our goalkeeper announced above all the noise of the players in his French accent â€Å"lets train him to do it then, its what teamwork's all about isn't it?† so everybody started planning out what to do in Thursday's training session. It was Thursday and we all waited in the changing room for Tony to enter to tell him Martin's idea. So as he entered Jamie called him over and asked, â€Å"can I have a word outside gaffer?† â€Å"No† he replied â€Å"but it's important gaffer† Jamie added, they both went out. A minute later we heard Tony shout out â€Å"brilliant.† Then he burst back in and said â€Å"Lads Jamie here has just come up with a solution to Carlton's problem.† And Jamie butted in and said, â€Å"Well actually it was Martin's idea gaffer.† â€Å"Who cares?† he exclaimed, so he carried on telling us â€Å"we shall make him do over head or bicycle kicks instead of heading the ball. But you will have to put in effort to help him, agreed?† â€Å"Yes gaffer.† We all replied simultaneously. He then queried, â€Å"How did you know about this problem?† Then suddenly Carlton the changing room so everyone greeted him and luckily for me Tony never found out how we knew. After he got changed Tony told us to go on to field and he would meet us down there except Carlton, because he wanted to talk to Carlton about Martin's idea. I was last out of the changing room and I decided to stay outside the door and listen in on the conversation. At first Tony said â€Å"well Carlton you know about yesterdays talk at yours?† â€Å"Yes.† He replied, â€Å"well I was thinking about your problem and why don't you bicycle kick the ball instead?† asked Tony and Carlton replied † well it's a bit hard to do that gaffer, because I'm not that good at it you see. Also it's quite difficult to perform unless every cross is perfect† â€Å"But we'll do training on it every session starting today, the lads will help and have to do it as well.† Said Tony, so Carlton agreed â€Å"yes†. I quickly dashed on to field so they did not see me as they came out. As I got near Andrew said â€Å"were have you been?† but I was out of breath because I had to run so Tony didn't know I was listening. When Tony arrived with Carlton Tony shouted out â€Å"come on do the warm up procedure.† So all the players did stretching and jogging on the spot and the usual things, but Carlton and the Tony were talking about something and then Tony called the Marcel over and me. He explained to us â€Å"well Marcel get in goal and Mark put some crosses in for Carlton so he can practice those overhead kicks. So I went over and crossed a ball in but Carlton could not reach so Tony shouted â€Å"a bit lower.† So I tried again and he just missed it. We tried again and again but he couldn't do it. Tony shouted over to me † a few more† so I crossed it in and he connected to it perfectly and Tony shouted â€Å"superb lads!† keep it up we did it another two times and he just kept on doing it. The Tony told us to stop and told us † don't get too carried away, save it for the weekend† On the way to the changing room I asked Tony â€Å"why don't you put Carlton into the first team instead of Alan?† but he just said, â€Å"I might, I don't know yet.† After I got changed I went to the car park and got in my car and drove off home so I could rest for tomorrow's game against Middlesbrough. The next morning on the way to Ellend road, which was our home ground, I was all ready for the game today. I pulled into the ground and parked the car. I then got out with my kit bag and went through reception and into changing room and noticed Carlton sitting there all changed ready for the game, and I asked, â€Å"Are you all right?† and he replied, â€Å"yes I'm ecstatic.† â€Å"Why?† I asked he said â€Å"the gaffer has put me in the squad for today because he was amazed by training yesterday with them over head kicks.† â€Å"Brilliant Carlton, well done.† I greeted. â€Å"But I couldn't of done it with out you mate.† He replied Then the gaffer came in and said, â€Å"I don't want any scrappy football today lads last week was dreadful, so come on show me what you've got.† As the bell went to go out all the players shouted â€Å"come on!† stood up clapped, the room was vibrating from the players passion. We then we made our way on to the pitch. It was midway through the first half and the crowd was roaring with excitement, I got the ball passed through to me down the right hand side; I skipped past one defender and crossed the ball in towards Carlton who was waiting in the area. He jumped up and to do a bicycle kick, the time slowed dramatically as if it were a movie. Then Carlton went to kick it, he missed the ball and there was a big gasp from the crowd of over thirty thousand fans. He landed on his back with a massive cry of pain and everyone froze. It didn't look good. Every team gathered round even some Middlesbrough players to look at him then the physio dashed onto the pitch to see what the problem was he shouted â€Å"move away give him room† then he called for a stretcher. He was taken off on the stretcher and was immediately to on his way to hospital in an ambulance. Tony told Chris to get ready so he could replace Carlton. The crowd went silent and we heard the siren of the ambulance as it hurried off to hospital. There was no enthusiasm for the rest of the half and the match was boring now The half time whistle blew and everyone went back to changing room. Tony didn't say anything; he was in shock after the incident with Carlton. The bell rang for us to go out again but this time there was no roar of passion from the players as they strolled out towards the field. The second half was boring because Carlton wasn't playing and the players had no strategy anymore. The game just dragged on back and forth until eventually Tony used his last substitute, which was Alan, he came on for Jamie who had a quiet game. There was only two minutes left on the clock and our goalie had just made a fantastic save to keep us level, he kicked the ball out to Andrew who controlled it brilliantly and then slotted a through ball up to Alan who chased it with all the strength he had, their goalkeeper rushed towards the ball to try and smother it, it was one on one and Alan got there first and skipped around the goalie and passed it into the net. The crowd were roaring with delight as there was only one minute left, but you couldn't hear anything because of the noise from the fans, it was deafening. Tony was running up and down the touchline jumping for joy. The team were cheering as well, running up the pitch to congratulate Alan. The ground felt like it would collapse from the noise and excitement. Then we heard the final whistle blow as the game concluded, and the fans were going wild due to Alan's goal, but everyone forgot about Carlton, except me. So I quickly ran into the dressing room and got changed and dashed to the hospital to check how he was. When I got there I asked the receptionist â€Å"were is Carlton Wallace please?† She replied, â€Å"Ward seven room two.† I walked quickly towards it, eventually finding him lying in a bed in pain. The doctor was standing next to his bed and asked me â€Å"excuse me are do know this person?† I replied, â€Å"Yes we play for the same football club, will he be able to play again?† â€Å"He's damaged ligaments in his lower back, so it doesn't look very promising† he replied. I just stood there and stared at Carlton with hope. â€Å"I'm afraid your going to have to leave now because visiting times are over, also we need to plan the operation for tomorrow.† The doctor told me â€Å"What operation!† I exclaimed â€Å"We need to operate on his lower back quickly or he may never play again† he replied Then I asked â€Å"is it risky?† â€Å"Of course it is, every operation is risky,† he told me. You'd better go now he needs his rest for tomorrow. So I left with a bad feeling that this operation may go wrong, but how was I going to explain it to the lads, that will be even harder. I got to my car in the car park and whilst I was opening the door I told myself that I wasn't going to the lads and let them find out for themselves, so I carried on home to spend the night and have a think. The next day I was tired because I hadn't had much sleep because I was up all night thinking about Carlton's back operation. I had to get over it and go and see him at hospital. When I arrived at hospital I went to ward seven to see him and his parents were there crying, the doctor was there again so I went up to him and asked how he was he explained â€Å"the operation was successful we repaired the ligaments but he will have to give up football for a while† â€Å"Whys that† I asked â€Å"His back isn't capable of all that running and exercise that footballers do day in day out.† I ran out of the hospital got in my car and sped off home because I realised that he won't recover from this and will have to retire. I had a lot of different feelings inside me like anger, disappointment, confusion of why this happened. I then remembered it was Martins idea to make him do overhead kicks and I knew he lived across the road, so I went over and started banging on the door until he opened it. As I seen him open the door I burst in with rage and started beating him up shouting out â€Å"this is for Carlton† â€Å"its your fault he's having to retire†. I realised I got a carried away as I stopped hitting him because he'd stopped breathing and was just lying there on the floor, I didn't know what to do. I got up and ran over to my house then just crumbled down to the floor and started crying.

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Cosmos Episode 10 Viewing Worksheet

Teachers sometimes need a movie or other type of scientific show for their classes. Whether it is used as a supplement for a topic the class is learning about or as a reward, or even as a lesson plan for a substitute teacher to follow, videos can be very helpful. In fact, some videos or shows that have a worksheet that accompanies them can be used as a type of assessment to let the teacher know how the students are grasping the information (and also whether or not they were paying attention during the video). The series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and produced by Seth MacFarlane is an incredible journey into some very important science topics. Episode 10, entitled The Electric Boy, is a great account of the discovery of electricity and magnetism and how they work together. Any physics or physical science class learning about these topics would make a great audience for this particular episode. Feel free to copy-and-paste the questions below into a worksheet for the students to use as a viewing guide, after viewing quiz, or notetaking guide as they watch episode 10 of Cosmos. Cosmos Episode 10 Worksheet  Name:______________    Directions: Answer the questions as you watch episode 10 of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey entitled â€Å"The Electric Boy.†    1.  What is the name of the man Neil deGrasse Tyson says that had he not lived, the world we know may not exist today?    2.  Whose ancestral home does Neil deGrasse Tyson visit as he begins telling his story?    3.  Who does the little boy in the animation with the compass grow up to be?    4.  In what year was Michael Faraday born?    5.  What problem with his speech did a young Michael Faraday have?    6.  What does the teacher in the animation tell Michael Faraday’s brother to go and do?    7.  Where did Michael Faraday begin working when he was 13 years old?    8.  How did Michael Faraday gain the attention of Humphry Davy?    9. What happened to Humphry Davy when his experiment went terribly wrong?    10.  Where did Michael Faraday call his lifelong home?    11.  What did Humphry Davy notice about a wire will electricity running through it as he brought it near a compass?    12.  What does Neil deGrasse Tyson say was all Michael Faraday needed to â€Å"start a revolution†?    13.  What had Michael Faraday created when his wife’s brother flipped the switch for the electricity?    14. What was Humphry Davy’s next project for Michael Faraday and why did he give him that particular project?    15.  What brought about the end to the fruitless project Michael Faraday had been stuck on for years?    16.  Name three famous scientists who have participated in Faraday’s Annual Christmas Lectures.    17.  What had Michael Faraday created when he moved a magnet in and out of a wire?    18.  Michael Faraday believed in the â€Å"unity of nature.† What did he think could be related to electricity and magnetism?    19.  How did the hunk of glass Michael Faraday kept from his failed experiments with lenses help him prove the unity of natural forces?    20.  What problems was Michael Faraday having with his health?    21.  What did Michael Faraday discover when he sprinkled iron filings around current carrying wires?    22.  How do birds use the magnetic field of the Earth?    23. What creates the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth?    24.  Why did Michael Faraday’s contemporaries in science not believe his hypothesis about field forces?    25.  What mathematician helped prove Michael Faraday’s hypothesis about magnetic fields?    26.  Why does Neil deGrasse Tyson not flinch when the heavy red ball comes swinging back at his face?    27.  Instead of being static, Michael Faraday’s magnetic field lines turned out to be more like what?

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World Wide Urbanization A Small Island Country - 1514 Words

WORLD WIDE URBANIZATION Alex Pope 12/11/14 Alex Pope Cities, Suburbs, and Small towns 12/11/14 Worldwide Urbanization Worldwide urbanization is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas. The number of people making this change is growing every year. â€Å"Globally, more people live in urban areas than in rural areas, with 54% of the world’s population residing in urban areas in 2014. In 1950, 30% of the world’s population was urban, and by 2050, 66% of the world’s population is projected to be urban† (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 1). When looking at the rapid growth among people trying to move to a more urban environment, it’s interesting to break it down into regions and take a closer look at what specific†¦show more content†¦Japan is also the home to the largest car company on the planet, which is Toyota. Toyota is known for manufacturing the most cars, while having some of the most reliable cars on the road. Although Japan is one of the top 10 for most people living in an urban environment, it is said that with time the numbers are only supposed to decrease. As stated previously by 2050 worldwide urbanization is supposed to increase dramatically, but not for Japan. â€Å"The largest declines between 2014 and 2050 are projected for Japan, with a decline of 12 million urban dwellers† (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 12). Tokyo is a city in Japan which has the highest population throughout japan with a population of almost 38 million people (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 26). Tokyo is the biggest city in the world holding the biggest population. Tokyo is a city on the eastern part of the island it is about a mile off of the ocean and not directly connected to the ocean which is surprising to me. Osaka is also in the top ten for highest population per city which has a population of about 20 million (Worldwide Urbanization Prospects, pg. 26). These two cities alone count for nearly 40% of the country’s population. (Quellherst, reference 3) The housing in these two cities is very packed. â€Å"Exorbitant land costs have resulted in structures being built wall to wall up to the lot lines† (Palen, pg 323). In Tokyo there is not much open land